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Asorptive Silencer

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Absorptive silencer utilizes the microscopic resonance of sound absorbing material to consume the energy of the noise, and finally achieve the reduction of noise, which has a significant effect on the elimination of medium and high frequency noise. It has high requirements on the selection and filling rate of sound-absorbing materials, and almost no maintenance is required for daily use.


● Installation: standard flange connection;

● Compact structure: The resistance silencer has a compact structure, small installation space, and does not need to be supported by external force;

Faʻamatalaga Autu

◆ Attenuation volume: high frequency noise 15 ~ 30dB (A);

◆ Adapted caliber: DN50 ~ DN450;

◆ Applicable products: Air compressor, Roots blower, screw compressor, various types of high-noise fluid equipment, muffler fluid pipeline;